Great to Meet You I am Eunice Aharimpitsya

Eunice Aharimpitsya and Home Based Business!

I have always had something burning inside of me to inspire and make an impact. I knew there was something MORE to life but I could not figure out how to reach this BIG DREAM.

Previously I did jobs ranging from Social and Care, security to IT in pursuit of fulfilling my ambition. I remained completely empty inside and this drove me nuts waking up each morning to someone else’s schedule and DSCF3307going to work for someone else’s dream; my working hours being decided by someone and my earnings capped to what someone decided to pay me. I wondered about my pension because I wasn’t able to save money for it. I wanted to give my Child better education; I wanted to be able to reach out to other people less fortunate than me but all in vain.

In March 2014 Network Marketing Found me. My 12 years old daughter came home from school with an advert flier for me given to her by an older student we knew from church. This flier said that a global company was recruiting self-motivated and enthusiastic people to change their lives. It sounded great but I under looked it considering the age of that student that sent me the flier and shoved it in my bag instead of the bin just not annoy my daughter.

After about a month I was looking in my bag the flier dropped out and my daughter who was with me saw it and asked “Mum did you call her?” I answered quite rudely and said some words like …What global company that girl represents at such a young age, even I could not read her number on the flier as it was scribbled. I was not interested. But my daughter said it was rude not call someone when they said you call them. Before I knew it my daughter entered her number in my phone and the phone was ringing and my daughter  passed it on to me. We spoke and I gave her an appointment to come to my place of work one afternoon.

The afternoon she came after the Presentation I was impressed and I could see I had nothing to lose as there was 60 Days Money Back Guarantee assurance in case I did not like the products so I filled the form straight away.

When the products came I fell in love with them and I thought how great to be using the high quality products and earning extra income! Then in the month of May 2014 the Company Global Rally was held in London which I attended and more than 22 million dollars were given out only in bonuses. Hearing stories from Ordinary People whose lives have been turned around was my pivotal moment. I decided not only to settle for extra income but aim at my biggest dream of

 Making an impact on lives of others while I enjoy the wonderful products and enrich myself financially, socially and spiritually.
Because I felt I was at home with a company that would give me a healthy mind, financial independence hence achieve my Goals as I had all the potential which I believe every one of you have.

To this day I have caught the Network Marketing bug. I am treating my business seriously by investing in myself doing training, attending business events because I am sure it pays me. I have noted a great difference between working for someone else and working for yourself. I have made 5 year plan instead of 40 year plan to have my pension sorted, having Residual Income that even if I am in bed Money will be flowing into my Bank Account.
I’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of the company that embraces personal development in fundamental areas of life. I mean Financial, Social and Health. I have been to places and with people that I could never have imagined being together talking as a family. This has boosted my confidence and self-belief. I am now raising my Daughter up to be the next Entrepreneur of the world!
I look forward to adding value to many lives by giving back and working with many people developing their Businesses.

Eunice Aharimpitsya.


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